Davidson Family Law Arbitration

The Davidson family law arbitration attorneys with Hatcher Law Group are ready to provide the expert representation you need, and to protect your rights at all times throughout the process. Divorce arbitration in Davidson NC can be an emotional issue, and it can also be very complex. That is why you’ll want a law firm that has a great deal of experience in providing Davidson family arbitration services. Family law is our firm’s only focus – which is why we can help you achieve the best possible outcome when it comes to family court arbitration in Davidson NC.

A Brief Explanation of Family Law Arbitration in Davidson NC

In a nutshell, Davidson family law arbitration is a proceeding designed to help parties in a marital dispute avoid having to go to court. The arbitrator in a Davidson divorce arbitration matter is typically an attorney who specializes in family law. Both parties agree to abide by the arbitrator’s ruling, which will be binding.

Davidson family law arbitration works much like a court case. The arbitrator and attorneys for both sides agree to the Rules of Evidence beforehand. The attorneys for both parties in a case involving divorce arbitration in Davidson NC present that evidence, and then the arbitrator makes his or her ruling.

The Advantages of Family Court Arbitration in Davidson NC

There are several benefits to choosing Davidson family law arbitration. Here are just a few to consider.

  • Convenience – Family court arbitration in Davidson NC is typically much more convenient than going to court. The arbitrator schedules the case at the time that works best for all parties.
  • Fast resolution – Family law arbitration in Davidson NC is also a faster process. Davidson divorce arbitration usually takes only a few weeks. Court delays, on the other hand, can stretch cases out for months.
  • Cost-effectiveness – It can be very expensive to go to court. Arbitration is not only faster, it also results in a lower cost of litigation.

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