Mooresville Best Child Support Attorney

Hatcher Law Group handles all types of family law matters like child support, child custody and property distribution. When going through a divorce or separation, working with the Mooresville best child support attorney is essential. These are often complex, emotional cases that require a mediator. 

The goal of our child support lawyers in Mooresville NC is to reach a fair agreement that is in the best interests of your family. In North Carolina, both parents are responsible for providing for their child, but it’s usually the noncustodial parent who makes child support payments. However, many factors affect child support payments, which is why it helps to have an experienced Mooresville child support lawyer on your side. 

Mooresville Child Support Modification Lawyers 

Not only can the Mooresville best child support attorney help with making, receiving and recouping payments, but also we can adjust them. Child support is not fixed in stone, and the payments can change for a number of reasons. Our Mooresville child support modification lawyer will make sure that the new payments reflect your child’s needs and is based off your current income. 

Best Child Support Attorneys in Mooresville NC 

As the best child support attorneys in Mooresville NC, we intend to help you and your ex work towards a fair and reasonable agreement that benefits the family. Here are some reasons for choosing our Mooresville child support lawyer: 

  • Over 20 years of experience in family law matters 
  • Get personalized support, as no two situations are the same 
  • Understand your rights, responsibilities and options 
  • Advocate the best interests for you and your child 
  • Settle cases outside of court with our child support lawyers in Mooresville NC 

To learn more about your options for child support, contact Hatcher Law Group today. Our Mooresville best child support attorney will be happy to help you and your ex work through a reasonable child support payment schedule.