Ballantyne Best Child Custody Lawyer

Navigating our state’s process for child custody negotiations is not always easy or straightforward, which is why it’s essential to have the Ballantyne best child custody lawyer in your corner for such important work.

Here at Hatcher Law Group, our staff boasts seasoned attorneys that specialize in a wide range of practice areas. Many work with us as their choice child custody law firm in Ballantyne NC, but we can also provide masterful assistance with matters that range from divorce, separation, property division, child support and alimony to domestic violence, prenuptial agreements and more.

Work with Hatcher Law Group as your Ballantyne child custody attorney

Divorce commonly involves child custody proceedings, where divorcing parents must decide on a co-parenting plan that they plan on sticking to. The stakes are high — put the best child custody lawyer in Ballantyne NC in your corner to protect your legal rights and the best interests of your children.

As your choice Ballantyne child custody law firm, Hatcher Law Group can help you digest some of the following components that come with child custody resolutions.

  • Helping you understand the difference between physical and legal custody and determining what combination of the two would work best for you and your children.
  • Take on child custody litigation. As your child custody attorney in Ballantyne NC, Hatcher Law Group has plenty of experience in the courtroom, where we will advocate on behalf of you and your children.
  • Help you coordinate your court-ordered mediation, which all North Carolina couples are ordered to undergo before a judge will listen to their case.
  • Explain parenting education requirements. The members of our child custody law firm in Ballantyne NC can help you understand the situations in which you will be ordered to take a parenting education class, which highlights the effect of divorce and family transitions on kids.

This might be a lot to process, which is why having the Ballantyne best child custody lawyer in your corner is so important. Hatcher Law Group is ready to discuss your child custody situation and the many ways that we can help.