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What sort of characteristics do you look for in the Ballantyne best divorce attorney? Are you looking for a legal professional that is readily accessible and filled with helpful insight into the important matters of your divorce proceedings?

Here at Hatcher Law Group, we provide this, and much more for our clients. As staff of seasoned family law attorneys, our boutique firm strives every day to serve as the best divorce lawyers in Ballantyne NC, no matter how complicated your case has become.

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Are you seeking the best divorce attorney in Ballantyne NC?

Many divorces can be highly contentious where both sides battle it out about seemingly everything — from how to divide up wealth and assets to who will get physical and legal custody of the children.

In these scenarios, you’ll likely consider the Ballantyne best divorce lawyers to be those who are fierce litigators that will aggressively advocate for you in front of a judge. At Hatcher Law Group, we have plenty of experience in the courtroom and are diligent in sifting through the fine details of intricate divorce proceedings to provide you with a clear advantage.

Are you looking for the Ballantyne best divorce attorney for a collaborative divorce?

However, not all divorces have to be like this. In fact, there are many benefits to scenarios where both sides see eye to eye and are able to sort out matters without stepping into court.

In an effort to serve as the best divorce lawyers in Ballantyne NC, Hatcher Law Group encourages collaboration when possible and will provide you with help and insight throughout those processes. However, the moment that the other side is not acting in good faith and your legal rights are being infringed upon, we will step in.

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