Ballantyne Family Law Arbitration

There are several advantages to choosing Ballantyne family law arbitration, as you will soon learn. However, you have to be very careful when selecting an attorney to help with your divorce arbitration in Ballantyne NC. At Hatcher Law Group, family law is all we do. As a result, we have the deep knowledge needed to provide the best Ballantyne family arbitration services possible. 

What is Family Court Arbitration in Ballantyne NC?

Ballantyne family law arbitration is a way to resolve disputes without having to go into a courtroom. The parties involved in family law arbitration in Ballantyne NC agree beforehand to abide by the arbitrator’s ruling. In most instances, the arbitrator in a Ballantyne divorce arbitration case is an attorney. His or her ruling will be considered to be binding, much like that of a judge.

There are two main reasons that many people prefer going through Ballantyne family law arbitration rather than going to court. One is that the setting for a divorce arbitration in Ballantyne NC case is much more relaxed and informal than a courtroom setting. Family court arbitration in Ballantyne NC can be held in a place such as a conference room, or the arbitrator’s office. In some cases, family law arbitration in Ballantyne NC can be held through a videoconference.

Ballantyne family law arbitration is also typically much less expensive than going to court. It is also a more time-efficient process. Ballantyne divorce arbitration is often more convenient. Arbitration can take place more on your own schedule rather than having to comply with the court’s schedule.

Why Choose Hatcher Law Group?

If you need Ballantyne family law arbitration, it will be imperative that you choose a law firm that will fight for your rights. Your attorney needs to be accessible, treat you like an individual, and be responsive. At Hatcher Law Group, our lawyers will do everything we can to help ensure a positive outcome in your case. Contact us as soon as possible to learn more about the Ballantyne family arbitration services we provide.