Ballantyne Family Law Mediation

A divorce or separation is a very personal experience, which is why friends and acquaintances who have gone through this process may not offer much help. Instead, it’s best to contact a Ballantyne family law mediation attorney who can offer personalized solutions for your unique circumstances.

Hatcher Law Group offers family law mediation in Ballantyne NC. We understand that divorce is personal and emotional, but you don’t have to go through this process alone. A divorce mediation lawyer in Ballantyne NC will explain your rights and responsibilities, as well as the best options for your case. 

The benefits to working with a Ballantyne mediation attorney is that you can reach a reasonable agreement for everyone in the family. Rather than having a judge decide your fate, you have control over the end result. Plus, a mediation attorney in Ballantyne NC is unbiased and will keep you and your ex on track with making decisions for your family.

What Can I Expect from Working with a Ballantyne Mediation Attorney? 

Hatcher Law Group offers Ballantyne family law mediation services to help couples work through their issues and avoid a long and emotionally draining litigation process. If we do need to go to court, rest assured our lawyers are experienced litigators who will fight for your rights. But if family law mediation in Ballantyne NC can solve your problems, it’s worth doing this first. 

Here are some things you can expect from working with our mediation attorney in Ballantyne NC:

  • Initial consultations. Meet with one of our Ballantyne divorce mediation lawyers to determine if mediation can help you and your ex. 
  • Education. Your divorce mediation lawyer in Ballantyne NC will educate you on your rights and responsibilities. We find many people are unaware of what they are allowed to ask for in divorce cases. 
  • Advocate your best interests. Even though Ballantyne divorce mediation lawyers take an objective standpoint, they want what’s best for everyone, including your child. 

To schedule a consultation and discuss how Ballantyne family law mediation can help you, contact Hatcher Law Group today.