Ballantyne Family Law Separation Agreement

Welcome to the Hatcher Law Group, where our boutique family law firm specializes in all types of pre and postnuptial agreements, including a Ballantyne family law separation agreement.

Whether you are looking to use legal separation as an indefinite measure to your failed marriage, or you would like to eventually move forward with an absolute divorce, the team at Hatcher Law Group would love to serve as your separation agreement lawyer in Ballantyne NC.

We’ll help you work through Ballantyne legal separation

Under North Carolina law, you don’t have to draft any specific documents in order to become legally separated from a spouse — you simply need to physically separate from that individual. In fact, in order to be granted an absolute divorce, you must live separately from a spouse for at least a year.

Separation is beneficial in a variety of situations and a family law separation agreement in Ballantyne NC is helpful to bring clarity and transparency to the process.

By working with our team as your Ballantyne separation agreement lawyer, you will be able to define roles and privileges within a separation. The agreement can spell out things like child custody arrangements, alimony payments and more.

Legal separation in Ballantyne NC can transition into absolute divorce seamlessly when you have a comprehensive, well thought out agreement in place.

Need help with a Ballantyne family law separation agreement?

As your separation agreement lawyer in Ballantyne NC, Hatcher Law Group can help you create a comprehensive agreement from scratch or we can help you review and understand an existing agreement that you’re being asked to sign.

We will leverage our decades of combined experience to help with your Ballantyne family law separation agreement. Connect with our team right now and schedule a consultation.