Charlotte Family Law Mediation

Hatcher Law Group provides Charlotte family law mediation services that will help you and your ex work through arrangements like child custody and child support. When possible, we highly recommend working with a divorce mediation lawyer in Charlotte NC because it saves time, money and unnecessary stress. Rather than dragging out the process, you and your ex can reach a fair agreement, part ways and move forward with your lives. 

What Does a Charlotte Mediation Attorney Do? 

Family law mediation in Charlotte NC is where a professionally trained mediator helps you and your spouse or partner work out agreements in the best interests of everyone. In this case, the mediator is a mediation attorney in Charlotte NC who is trained to be an objective third party. They also have a strong understanding of the laws in the state and each person’s rights and responsibilities. 

Here are some of the things you can count on our Charlotte family law mediation services to help with: 

  • Sort through issues. With a divorce mediation lawyer in Charlotte NC, you can sort through your problems and come to a mutual agreement. This is better than leaving things up to a judge to decide. 

  • Stay in control. In mediation, no decisions will be made against your wishes. The goal of family law mediation in Charlotte NC is to find a happy medium.

  • Avoid going to court. Working with a Charlotte divorce mediation lawyer is the best way to avoid going to court. Even if you do want a judge to look over your case, you may be expected to go through mediation first. 

  • Alleviate stress. It’s far less stressful to work with a Charlotte mediation attorney and stay out of court. It costs less money, too, and allows you to protect your assets.  

Schedule a Consultation with Our Charlotte Divorce Mediation Lawyer 

Hatcher Law Group has over 20 years of experience dealing with family law matters. Our mediation attorneys in Charlotte NC are here to help! We understand that divorce is a highly personal experience, and we promise to support you through the process while ensuring your best interests are met. To schedule a consultation with our Charlotte family law mediation service, contact us today.