Charlotte Family Practice Lawyer

If you are struggling through a family law conflict, and desperately searching for a Charlotte family practice lawyer that will provide your case with the thoughtful attention and care that it deserves, then we invite you to connect with our team at Hatcher Law Group.

We’re a Charlotte-based, boutique family law firm that boasts a staff of experienced family lawyers, who are ready to help meet your needs. Our team approach to serving our clients allows us to tend to your case in great care and detail, ensuring that you maximize your chances at a positive outcome.

As a seasoned Charlotte family law facilitator, our areas of expertise are wide ranging. Just a few of the practice areas in which we specialize in include:

  • Separation agreements and divorce: We can work with you as your family practice lawyer in Charlotte NC to walk through the legal separation and divorce processes. If you are unsure of which one might be best for your situation, we will learn a little bit about your needs and provide transparent, objective insight.
  • Child custody: These proceedings can be incredibly emotional. It’s important to work with a Charlotte family practice lawyer that focuses on the best interests of the children involved. We encourage our clients to work collaboratively with the other parent to come up with a child custody agreement. When those efforts fail, we’re experienced in the courtroom and will advocate for you and your children.
  • Child and spousal support: Whether you’re on the hook to pay these, or you’re owed this money but the other party refuses to pay, we will work with you throughout all phases of these processes. This includes establishing fair agreements, making necessary modifications and enforcing them.
  • Property division: Hatcher Law Group is a Charlotte family law facilitator that has experience working within high net-worth divorces and separations. These high-stakes proceedings can put tremendous wealth on the line. We are able to address the complex nature of these proceedings and meticulously work through them.

The list only goes on from there — adoption, domestic violence situations, same-sex marriages and more. If you have family law needs, we invite you to bring them to us to learn more about what we can do for you.

Why choose Hatcher Law Group as your Charlotte family practice lawyer?

At Hatcher Law Group, we know that many of our clients are coming to us at the lowest points in their lives. We find great passion and fulfillment in providing a lifeline for these individuals.

When you work with our team, you can expect to work with highly experienced and knowledgeable attorneys that are also responsive to your needs. We’re there for you from beginning to end — and we’re always just a phone call away when you have future needs.

Learn more about what we bring to the table as a Charlotte family practice lawyer by connecting with Hatcher Law Group and scheduling a consultation.