Concord Family Law Separation Agreement

Hatcher Law Group specializes in working with spouses that have opted to separate and would like to benefit from a comprehensive Concord family law separation agreement.

In fact, Hatcher Law Group is an experienced, boutique family law firm that helps clients wade through a wide range of family law issues and disputes — from child custody and property division to domestic violence situations.

If you are looking for a separation agreement lawyer in Concord NC to help you gain a deeper understanding of the legal separation process, then we invite you to connect with our staff.

Understanding Concord legal separation

Divorce and legal separation are very similar, but also come with significant differences. Separation is easy to achieve here in North Carolina — you don’t even have to file any documents. As long as you physically separate from a spouse, you are considered legally separated.

However, with a family law separation agreement in Concord NC, you can better define each spouse’s role within the separation. With Hatcher Law Group as your Concord separation agreement lawyer, you can create an agreement that spells out the details on things like property division, child custody, child support and more.

This ensures that you know your rights within the separation and, if you want, can move forward with the agreement into a divorce.

Talk to Hatcher Law Group about legal separation in Concord NC

Whether you want us to draft or review a Concord family law separation agreement, or have other questions, Hatcher Law Group is passionate about working with men and women to resolve their family law disputes and needs.

We are a separation agreement lawyer in Concord NC that is responsive to your needs and comes with decades of combined experience on our staff. We also have experience working through intricate and complex divorce and separation cases.

Put this knowledge to the test. Connect with our team and let’s talk about your Concord family law separation agreement needs.