Going Back to Normal: A New Challenge For Divorced Parents?

As we near the fourth consecutive month of being encouraged to stay at home as much as possible, a lot of Americans are becoming more restless. People are eager to resume their social lives even though it may not be entirely safe or advisable to do so yet.

 It is likely that by now, most separated parents have come to an agreement on how best to co-parent while staying at home. However, they will likely be met with challenges and disagreements with one another once things begin to fully reopen. Many people have conflicting opinions on the severity of the situation that our country is currently in.

 Differences aside, parents should try and remain flexible as restrictions continue to lift. Below are some tips on how to keep successfully co-parenting as plans for reopening continue to move forward:

  1. Come up with a plan– Do not wait until your child wants to visit a friend’s house or a public playground while under your care to speak with your ex about it. Create a plan for safely expanding your child’s social interactions and public outings that you can both agree to follow.
  1. Communicate with your attorney– If you are unable come to an agreement on a plan for your child, keep in contact with your attorney to discuss possible next steps that may need to be taken.
  1. Safety first– The safety and well-being of your child should always take precedence over any disagreement you may have with your ex. Stay informed and updated on health and safety guidelines that are being implemented to help slow the spread of COVID-19.