It may seem that couples who have been through most of life’s major milestones and faced hardships together are more likely to stay married, but the demographic trend of “gray divorces” suggests otherwise.

There can be many reasons behind a later-in-life divorce or separation. Below are just a few reasons as to why an older couple may go their separate ways.

A New Outlook on Splitting Up – It was not too long ago that the word “divorce” came with a plethora of implications with which many couples did not want to be associated. Because of this, it is likely that many couples put on a happy face and made it work despite being unhappy just to avoid judgment from others. Now, divorce and separation have become much more common. It is very likely that most everyone knows someone that has gone through a divorce or has been separated from their spouse.

Financial Concerns – At this point in a couple’s life together, they are likely to have accumulated major assets and sufficient wealth that neither is willing to part with. For many, that can be enough to keep them from separating. However, as mentioned in one of our past blog posts, there are steps you can take to protect your assets and retirement funds.

It May Have Been a Long-Time Coming – Marriages that have lasted several decades are usually unlikely to end for no reason. Long-harbored anger or resentment can break down a marriage. By the time the split comes, the couple may realize that it had been building for some time. This can also be true for couples with children. Once the nest has emptied, some couples realize that their children were a driving force behind them staying together.

Whether the marriage has lasted for three years or 30, it is important to consult with an experienced family law attorney before making any big decisions. Contact us today to schedule a consultation if this is something that you or someone you know has been considering.