Matthews Family Law Mediation

Matthews family law mediation is the best way to work through your issues and avoid a trial. If you’re going through a separation or divorce, it’s best to start with a divorce mediation lawyer in Matthews NC who can help you and your spouse or partner sort through your problems. This way, you have control over your future rather than a judge. 

Hatcher Law Group offers family law mediation in Matthews NC. We’ll be happy to look over your case and determine the best approach. We understand that divorce or separation is highly personal, with no two situations being the same. For a one-on-one appointment, contact our mediation attorney in Matthews NC today.  

What are the Benefits of Working with a Matthews Mediation Attorney? 

Even though family law matters are personal, Matthews family law mediation is able to help most clients. Our attorneys are highly experienced in this field and will educate you on your rights and responsibilities. Here are some of the ways that a mediation attorney in Matthews NC can help. 

  • Reach an agreement with your ex on issues like child custody, child support and other financial considerations. 
  • A Matthews divorce mediation lawyer will explain your rights and what’s in the best interests for you and your child. 
  • If you do end up going to court, our Matthews divorce mediation lawyers will fight for your rights. We are strong litigators. 
  • Our Matthews mediation attorneys charge by the hour. We are always upfront and honest about our fees. 
  • Save time and money from not having to go to court. Use your energy to rebuild a new life. 

Get Results with Family Law Mediation in Matthews NC

Hatcher Law Group is here for you. Our divorce mediation lawyer in Matthews NC will help you through this difficult time by providing resources, advocating for your best interests and encouraging you and your ex to come to an agreement. To schedule your initial consultation, contact our Matthews family law mediation services today.