Matthews Family Law Separation Agreement

Are you looking to draft a legally-binding, comprehensive Matthews family law separation agreement? Are you being asked to sign one of these agreements by your spouse and you want someone to take a look at it with you?

Here at Hatcher Law Group, we serve as an effective separation agreement lawyer in Matthews NC that knows the ins and outs of both legal separation and divorce. We’ll walk you through the Matthews legal separation process and help you understand the benefits and ramifications that come with it.

Why have a family law separation agreement in Matthews NC?

It’s important to note that separating spouses do not have to draft any documents in order to be considered separated under the eyes of the law. However, as your Matthews separation agreement lawyer, Hatcher Law Group can help you get a comprehensive agreement in place.

Having an agreement for your legal separation in Matthews NC is helpful for a variety of reasons.

  • For starters, it brings clarity to the arrangement. This allows separated spouses to know exactly their duties when it comes to child custody, child support, property division and more.
  • With a Matthews family law separation agreement, you can separate from an estranged spouse while avoiding divorce. Some people prefer to avoid divorce for religious reasons or to retain the financial benefits of being married.
  • Some people treat separation as a precursor to divorce (you must be separated for a year before divorcing). By working with a separation agreement lawyer in Matthews NC to get an air-tight agreement in place, you can seamlessly transition from separation into a divorce.

The seasoned staff at Hatcher Law Group would be happy to work side-by-side with you, determine what you’re looking to accomplish with separation and then leverage our decades of combined experience to help you meet those goals.

Let’s chat about your questions and concerns as they pertain to a Matthews family law separation agreement. Hatcher Law Group is ready to assist you.