Pineville Family Law Mediation

If you are going through a divorce, it’s worth working with a Pineville family mediation service. In fact, judges often request that couples go through mediation first to work out a fair settlement for both parties. In the end, family law mediation in Pineville NC is a better use of your time, money and energy. 

Hatcher Law Group handles family law matters, no matter how complex they are. We’d love to help you and your partner or spouse work through your issues and come to an agreement that you’re both comfortable with. Schedule an initial consultation with our divorce mediation lawyer in Pineville NC today. 

What are the Benefits of Working with a Pineville Mediation Attorney? 

Family law mediation in Pineville NC has plenty of benefits and has helped many families come to civil agreements and avoid court. Here are some of the things that a mediation attorney in Pineville NC from Hatcher Law Group can help with: 

  • YOU get to control your outcome – not a judge. A divorce mediation lawyer in Pineville NC will never make you agree to something you don’t want. 
  • Save time and money by avoiding court. Going through the court process is time-consuming and emotionally draining, but Pineville family law mediation saves you from this.  
  • You’ll have the ability to negotiate your ideas in a safe setting. Your Pineville divorce mediation lawyer will maintain a fair environment where everyone’s voices are heard. 
  • Faster results that allow you to move on with your life. Mediation always takes less time than traditional settlements and trials. 
  • Let our mediation attorney in Pineville NC teach you your rights and responsibilities. This will help you feel more empowered. 

Schedule a Consultation with a Pineville Divorce Mediation Lawyer 

If you’re going through a separation or divorce, contact Hatcher Law Group today. We have over 20 years of experience in family law matters, and our Pineville mediation attorneys are highly respected in the community. Let us help you get the outcome you deserve while avoiding court. Contact us today to learn more about our Pineville family law mediation services.