Books to Help Children Through Divorce

For anyone involved, divorce is almost never easy and can often impact children the hardest. Luckily, certain books exist that can be used as a powerful resource for helping children understand difficult topics like separation and divorce.

Kasey Short, eighth grade English teacher and English department head at Charlotte Country Day School, recently published an article, “Books Exploring Divorce and the Many Ways to Be a Family,” for the National Council of Teachers of English. In the article, Ms. Short lists several books that can help children cope with and understand separation, divorce, and/or the changing of family dynamics.

Ms. Short shared with us how she has seen divorce impact children throughout her career: “As a teacher, I have seen the impact of divorce on many middle school students throughout my career and have experienced divorce as a child and a parent. One thing I have learned is that all children experience divorce in their own unique way, even within the same family.

When parents are newly divorced, the impact is often more obvious to teachers; however, children who have grown up in blended families are still navigating many of the same challenges. During and shortly after a divorce, children must navigate new family dynamics at the same time their parents are grappling to find their new normal. They are often shaken by surprise, mourning the loss of a family unit, and struggling to find where they fit in.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in students spending more time than ever at home with their families. They are also transitioning between households without the consistency of school five days a week. I have found that books often provide an opening for students to talk about their own situations. This book list provides examples of how other children experience changing family dynamics.”

The entire article with the list of titles can be found here.

For those with children, the first step towards separation or divorce can sometimes be the hardest step to take. Contact one of our experienced family law attorneys today if you or someone you know has questions about separation, divorce, or child custody. We are here to help.