When going through a divorce, one may think litigation is the only available pathway to take. However, that is not always the case. There are alternative avenues available to parties to avoid litigation and still reach a settlement agreement. These alternative dispute resolutions include mediation and collaborative law. 


The mediation process is an informal process that can be used to help resolve divorce-related issues. A neutral third party known as the mediator will guide the parties through the negotiation process to help resolve their issues with the best interest of both parties in mind. The mediator however has no power to decide the case and they cannot give legal advice. They are only there to serve as a neutral third party to help the negotiation process run smoother. The benefit of using the mediation route is that it can be less time-consuming and less expensive than mediation. Mediation is typically most effective when both parties have open communication and are respectful towards one another. 

Collaborative Divorce:

Collaborative divorce can also be a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to litigation. In a collaborative divorce, each spouse is represented by their own collaborative attorney. This attorney is actively involved in the divorce negotiations and has their client’s best interest in mind. A unique characteristic of collaborative law is that the parties sign a Collaborative Law Agreement that defines the terms of their representation. If a settlement agreement is not reached, the attorneys must withdraw from the case and the party must start over with a new attorney if they wish to proceed with their case. There are oftentimes other parties involved in collaborative divorce, such as financial advisors and child behavior experts. 

If you want to avoid the potentially high costs and time spent in divorce litigation, consider an alternative dispute resolution such as mediation or collaborative law. Contact the attorneys at Hatcher Law Group today to see which option work best for you and your case.  

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